UNBORN WHISKEY is your daily music/obliteration digest.

The writer, BRAD NELSON, lives in Astoria, New York. He writes mostly about music, sometimes about sharks.

His work has appeared in The AtlanticThe Awl,  boiled jewelsCapital New York, PopdustReno News & Review, 10 Listens, Thought Catalog, Tiger Beatdown and The Village Voice. He wrote for One Week One Band about Ulver. When he grows up he wants to be Otis Redding, or, alternately, a jazz vibraphone player.

You can email him at brad.david.nelson@gmail.com

You can also find him on:


"Damn. Brad writes some of the loveliest essays on music I’ve read in a while. And other stuff, too." — Anaïs Escobar

"If you follow one new person today, make it Brad Nelson. Save him from the YM/SOM Axis of Evil." — Young Manhattanite

My current goal in life is to learn how to write like Brad. That isn’t pallid flattery, or milquetoast praise. That is a threat. #Brad Nelson All-American Hero” — Garland Grey

Have you met Brad Nelson. He seems to be atoning for something.” — Miles Klee

"Sharks do not care for their babies after they are born.” — Sarah Horne

How well Brad does, at the Blog Parties!” — Sady Doyle

"Dear Pavel Datsyuk, I did not know you had a tumblr and were into electronic and free noise music." — Catbus

(CREDITS: header: sculpturegeometric death frequencies by federico diaz; photograph: pressed.toil)