I don’t know if that happens anymore.  I don’t know if any of it happens anymore.  I got into Eurythmics sort of the same way I got into Fleetwood Mac, except I did it ten years later, and it was such a solitary experience, because there was Wikipedia, and there was YouTube, and there was the whole Internet, much bigger than before.  I imagine it would have been the same if it were Fleetwood Mac I was discovering.  Nothing needs to be passed down.  You don’t need to ask anyone for anything anymore.  I was watching the Tusk documentary on YouTube a while ago, and there was this comment like, “Remember how hard it used to be to find a copy of this?”  I do.  I remember it wasn’t something you would see, wasn’t something you would even think existed, until you knew Fleetwood Mac so well it was like an instinct.  Just this morning, just clicking around  YouTube, I saw more stuff than I did in the six years I spent basically breathing that band.  But maybe the culture is still there.  Maybe it’s me that changed.

Erika’s been writing about Stevie Nicks at One Week One Band and it’s mostly essential.