Darkthrone: Leave no cross unturned

At this point my favorite song of the year is probably “Freaks” by French Montana and Nicki Minaj. It’s an effect of the chorus, both excessive and light—declining sirens; handclaps and Nicki Minaj just conducting air together. It’s enough to overwhelm the idea of French Montana, which is a nullity. Nicki Minaj is routinely a few hundred ideas, some unformed, not all compelling, but the cascade thrills.

This is my other favorite song of the year. It is three ideas that do not vary or develop except between each other, in rough, unfamiliar exchanges. A motorcycle speeding into the ocean, gears flooding. It is like waking up in three different seasons, continuously, in medieval uniform. There is little if any sense of cause and effect, just effect, the hammer lifted away from its result.